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The unique Tropical Tablelands, just over 1 hour's travel (~80klms) west of the major Queensland city of Cairns is one of the most diverse, fascinating and picturesque regions of Australia. Scenery ranges from lush green Rainforests to undulating green dairy pastures. The area includes various volcanic crater lakes, Queensland's highest mountain peaks (Mt. Bartle Frere & Mt.Bellender Kerr), 'TINAROO DAM'(Where you can fish for the biggest Barramundi all year round.), numerous swimming holes and waterfalls including Malanda, Millaa Millaa and Mungalli Creek Falls.

Tea, Avocados, Peanuts, Maize, small crops and Sugar Cane are grown here and the region supports a large dairying and cattle fattening industry as well as Tourism.

The climate is tropical, and from May to September the days are generally fine and sunny with maximum temperatures in the mid 20's and the nights are cool. October to December is mainly dry with occasional thunder storms. January to April is warm to mild and is the greening season and can be but is not always wet.

Amazing Crystal Caves

Tolga Woodworks

Atherton Chinatown, a multi-award winning attraction.
Atherton Chinatown is a National Trust of Queensland property that includes a unique century-old Chinese Temple, 30 minute guided tours, interpretive museum and giftshop.

NQ Heli-WorX Pty Ltd, We specialise in providing a helicopter service operating chartered helicopter tour flights for those who are passionate about the ‘Great Outdoors’ and flying.


Millaa Millaa Falls

Tinaroo Dam

Tablelands Community

Alans Wildlife Tours

Bird Observers Club